John R Fitzsimmons

John R. Fitzsimmons arrived at Iowa State College in late 1924 after earning the Master in Landscape Architecture from Harvard University. Fitzsimmons was hired specifically to take on the state park work for the Extension Landscape Architecture program. His team of landscape architects oversaw designs for nearly all aspects of the state parks. During the twelve years Fitzsimmons served as Landscape Architect for the State Conservation Commission, he prepared development plans for 67 of Iowa's state parks. Fitzsimmons led work on the state's recreation survey in 1929, and was the Landscape Architect Consultant for the 25-year Iowa Conservation Plan in 1933. In addition to overseeing state park designs, thereby directly impacting the experience of park visitors, Fitzsimmons served as Head (1950-1962) of Iowa State's Landscape Architecture Department and retired in 1967 after serving the school and the state for over 40 years.

John R. Fitzsimmons papers, RS 26/5/12.

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