We Are ISU: Snapshots of Student Life


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We Are ISU: Snapshots of Student Life wall design in front of Special Collection and University Archives Department
Courtesy of Rachel Seale


The curators owe a debt of gratitude to previous researchers and archivists who have published and written about Iowa State University history, including Tanya Zanish-Belcher for her work on the ISU Sesquicentennial timeline, which in turn was an update of the Chronology first prepared by Dorothy Kehlenbeck for the ISU Centennial.

This exhibition also includes images contributed by alums Vern and DeLores Hawkins and Tracy Regan Brinkmeyer; and current student Julissa Garcia. The curators are truly grateful for their assistance.

Contributing to your story

This exhibit is limited to materials available in Special Collections and University Archvies. Many of the materials were created by University staff and administrators. However, when possible the curators selected materials created by alumni and former students who donated their personal college papers and memorabilia.

If you have materials that speak to your experience as a student at Iowa State and you are looking for a home where the materials will be cared for and put to good use, please contact Special Collections and University Archives. After all, your story is the story of Iowa State, too. Please see our donation guidelines for more information.

We Are ISU: Snapshots of Student Life

Rachael Acheson
Brad Kuennen


Exhibit Coordination
Rachel Seale


Digital Exhibit Design
Lori Bousson


Conservation, Preservation, and Digitization
Mindy McCoy
Mindy Moeller
Jim Wilcox


Digital Collection
Lindsey Hillgartner
Charlie Coffey


Graphic Design
Kallie Beebe

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This exhibit is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommerical 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0). Licensing and rights for collection materials depicted in the exhibit vary. Contact Iowa State University Library Special Collections and University Archives Department, archives@iastate.edu for assistance.

About the Physical Exhibit

This digital exhibit was developed to accompany a physical exhibit on display in the Iowa State University Library. The physical exhibit is on display March 6, 2019, to September 2019 on the fourth floor, in the Special Collections and University Archives Department.