Pammel Court, 1946-1978

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In addition to the physical exhibit located in Special Collection and University Archives, listed below are some related links to this collection.

Pammel Court Images and Documents Pammel Court Images and DocumentsThese are all digital images and douments on the digital collections website. Pammel Court Images and Documents.
Louis H. Pammel biographyLouis H. Pammel biographyLink to biograph of Louis H. Pammel and related links.
Ames Historical SocietyAmes Historical Society webpageNumbers 1-5 on this page link to historical images that the Ames Historical Society holds.. A link that goes to some of the images held at the Ames Historical Society.
From the Archives: Pammel Court PlaymatesFrom the Archives: Pammel Court Playmates Unpublished photograph dated July 3, 1957 of children in Pammel Court.. Unpublished photograph from the Ames Tribune Archives.
Quonset metal living for the modern ageQuonset metal living for the modern age Website that features the book, exhibit, and oral histories of quonset huts during World War II. (Link is broken.) Website which features a book and the history of quonset huts.
Media about Pammel Court Physical Exhibit Media about Pammel Court Physical ExhibitArticle from LAS magazine, "link connecting alumni and friends" "...Pammel Court exhibit brings back memories".
Media about Pammel Court Physical Exhibit--Identical except article is missing most photographs. Media about Pammel Court Physical ExhibitArticle from Inside Iowa State for faculty and staff "Pammel Court exhibit brings back memories".
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Physical Exhibition Credits. This exhibition was curated by HIST 481X: Public History.

Mark Barron, Principal Curator and Instructor
Brandon Duxbury
Devan Melberg
Dalton Gackle
Dacey Messinger
Cate Hukill
Nathan Pattee
Nick Intorcia
James Suarez
Katherine-Rose Kanauss
Amanda Werner

Exhibition Team:
Rachel Seale, Project Coordinator, Special Collections & University Archives
Sofia Barron, Conservator, Preservation

Production and Design:
Julianna Biedenfeld, Mindy Moeller, Jim Wilcox

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Special Acknowledgements:
Casie Vance, Alex Feifar, and Dennis Wendell, Ames Historical Society
Simon Cordery, Chair, Department of History (Iowa State University)

Iowa State University Library:
      M. Beth McNeil, Dean of the Library
      Hilary Seo, Associate Dean, Curation Services
      Tim Panages and Mike Leininger, Research and Instruction Services
      Petrina D. Jackson, Department Head, Special Collection & University Archives
      Brad Kuennen, University Archivist, Special Collections & University Archives


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