LGBT+ Student Life at Iowa State University: 1970-1999

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LGBT+ students at Iowa State University have most likely existed since the University’s conception. Nonetheless, in wasn’t until the 1970’s that Iowa State Students decided to become vocal and active in the fight for equal rights. This fight for their rights was part of the broader gay liberation movements that had swept the United States after the Stonewall riots in New York. Throughout the years, LGBT+ students at Iowa State University have had to fight for their validation and acceptance in a campus where LGBT+ people were viewed as deviants. This exhibit showcases a hand-selected group of items surrounding LGBT+ student life at Iowa State University; divided into the following: "Student Sentiment", "Backlash", and "Activism". Also included are some additional external resources and essays originally published on the ISU Special Collections and University Archives department blog, Cardinal Tales. Click on the LGBT+ History Timeline 1970-1999 below to view a timeline of ISU LGBT+ history during these decades.

GayDance poster in black and white drawing

LGBT+ History Timeline 1970-1999