LGBT+ Student Life at Iowa State University: 1970-1999

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This section focuses on the campus newsletters and zines that were distributed in the mid 1970’s. These held various experiences about what being LGBT+ feels like.


Coleus & Dogbreath Too 1974

Coleus & Dogbreath Too was a zine published in the fall semester of 1974. It was a publication by the Gay People’s Alliance (GPA). It was an open forum for Gays in the community to express their opinions and ideas. The inside of the zine contains some stories about thoughts that the contributors wanted to express. In Betty Lou’s Magic Closet Door we see the controversy that is mentioned in the "Backlash" section of this exhibit, regarding one of the first acts of activism by students at Iowa State. This was when they participated in Dimension 5, a local news chain. The zine also recounts several events -- for example denim day – and contains satirical expressions and poems.


Gayly Forward 1974

The Gayly Forward is a newsletter by the Gay People’s Alliance and was distributed monthly during the mid-1970's. The examples featured talk about events happening around campus and news relating to LGBT+ life. They also showcase various opinions and ideas from members of the LGBT+ community.


 Home  |  Introduction  |  Activism  |  Backlash  |  Student Sentiment  |  Interpretive Essays  |  About/Credits